For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

As you will learn (or already have learned) in our Starting Point: Serve class, we've all been created, called, and equipped to serve. That's why we place a high priority on understanding God's plan of ministry for the Church, and on exploring the variety of gifts he has given us to strengthen one another and impact the world! To begin volunteering in one of Greeley First's ministries, simply click the button below to submit your Volunteer Application. We look forward to serving alongside of you!

Volunteer FAQ

When can I start serving?

It depends on the ministry! We do encourage everyone to attend Starting Point when they want to start serving at Greeley First; if you’d like to serve in areas of greater responsibility, such as worship or kids ministry, we'll ask you to complete Starting Point before you begin serving.

Can I help with kids ministry?

Absolutely! We believe that caring for and equipping our children is of the highest importance. Because of that, we require  potential volunteers to complete Starting Point, pass a background test, and speak with our Associate Pastor and/or Kids Coordinators. As you meet those requirements, we'll help you find the right place to serve!

What if I want to join the worship team?

Worship, as a skills-based team, works a little differently than our other ministries. Once you've completed Starting Point and submitted a Volunteer Application, you'll have an audition with our Worship Director, George Seders – who will determine where you might be a good fit!

What if I want to serve, but don’t know where?

No worries! That's exactly why we offer Starting Point: Serve . As the third session of Starting Point, it will help you consider the heart behind service, God's plan for ministry in the local church, and the gifts he has given you. We encourage you to participate in this class, so that we can help you find the right place to get involved!